NRA Strategy

Our PTO program embodies what it means for parents to truly empower each other through the power of relationships. Our PTO helps us to bridge the gap between our children, our teachers and their families. They provide additional support to our center by overseeing our events and fundraisers, providing extra time and helping hands in various ways by connecting parents to an abundance of resources along all while creating a partnership with other parents to help create the villages needed to nurture our beautiful butterflies and caterpillars into successful well rounded individuals. Come and join our PTO team today!

Discipline Policy 

I view discipline as a teaching/learning process of positive reinforcement techniques which leads children toward more responsibility for themselves as they develop independence and more mature behavior. A safe and suitable environment, interesting, and challenging activities, established routines for transitions, clearly defined rules and a sensitive and well-trained provider promote a consistent atmosphere for children’s acceptable behavior. A child requiring correction will be approached, lovingly but firmly, and redirected to other activities which promote a positive and acceptable behavior pattern.   

Problems other than routine occurrences are discussed between the parents and provider. If it seems appropriate to inform parents about severe behavior problems, a conference is scheduled. Again, the focus is positive whereby parents and staff seek cooperative and effective solutions.

I will enforce the following disciplinary action:

  • Redirection of behavior

  • Time-out (1 min per child’s age)

  • Parental notification

  • Parental Conferences

  • I reserve the right to dismissal child if their behavior poses a threat to the safety and well-being of themselves or any children in care


We do NOT support any type of physical force or abusive language in disciplining children. Discipline will never be associated with food, rest, or toileting.

We are committed to the goal of each child benefitting from my wholesome, professional approach to discipline which promotes self-control.